Jay Vee Technologies
Fifty Albert is a 30-story high rise apartment building overlooking Albert Park lake with 270 apartments, a gym, entertainment level with BBQ's and 8 levels of Car Parks.

Fifty albert uses a combination of MOX Products and JayTech CCTV products for building management and maintenance. All shared locks utilise swipe card technology to control access within permitted times.

Our MOX system at Fifty Albert was featured in Australian National Construction Magazine.

More information is available from the official Fifty Albert Website


Fifty Albert uses JayTech DVR's and over 30 IP Cameras to provide a Security system with HD video, spanning the common areas of the building. Recorded footage from Lifts, the entertainment area, and loading bays are all accessible with a touch of the button from the front desk

Lift Control

Lift access is limited using MOX Swipe card technology, allowing lifts to be locked down and limited per-resident-per-floor-per-lift. Access to the top level is shut down to all but maintenance and security during after-hours. To ease access by guests into the building, a combination of MOX's Palladium touchscreens and Amber Gate Manager are used to automatically grant access to resident floors. All cards swiped and intercom unlocks for the lifts are logged by Iris insight.

In the event of an extended power outage where the battery backup power is depleted, the lift system is designed with a fail-safe to automatically allow access to all levels.

Building Access Control (Lifts, fire doors, shared facilities and apartments)

Fifty Albert uses Mox Swipe card technology to control access to shared facilities, lifts, entry into the building, apartments, fire-doors and even the barbecues. In the event of a fire, the system is designed to unlock firedoors and allow free access within shared areas, whilst also protecting apartments from theft.

All card swipes within the building are logged by Iris insight, allowing building managers to track movements within the building, and access can easily be revoked for lost keys or when tenants leave. Access is programmed into, and stored within every device using MOX's IRIS Insight application, which is accessible from 2 PC terminals on the ground floor. The Mox Access Control system runs independant of the PC's and can remain operating successfully during a network outage. Access to the Gym and private level are limited by time, to limited guests, whilst security and building administrators are given free access at all times. Building entry can be granted using MOX's Amber and Palladium Video intercoms.

Barbecue Access Control

Specialised programming has been used to limit access by card swipe to the barbeques on the entertainment floor

This allows building managers to deny barbecue privileges to residents who abuse the barbeque or fail to clean it after using it. All usage is logged per-resident and logs are accessible using Iris Insight.

Network Backbone

MOX's CCTV and Access Control system uses an isolated managed network designed to automatically minimise the risk (and damage of common networking mistakes such as network loops. The entire MOX system is automatically monitored, allowing a rapid response to rectify the fault.

Intercom system

Fifty Albert uses over 250 Mox Palladium Video Intercoms and 3 Mox Amber Video Gate modules to facilitate resident communications within the building.

The intercom system allows access into the building by guests and provide temporary access to lifts. The video intercoms in each apartment run a custom interface & layout designed in-house.

In the event that a guest requires access but is unsure of who to call, they can easily call the front desk and speak to the concierge who can open the door with a click of the mouse.