Jay Vee Technologies
Chirnside Park Shopping Centre is the shopping centre, located on Kimberly Drive, Chirnside Park, Melbourne, Australia. It is situated approximately 32 kilometres east-north-east of the Melbourne CBD. The shopping centre opened in 1979 as a small convenience shopping centre which has grown over the years, opening businesses such as Kmart, Target, Woolworths, Coles and Reading Cinemas.

Jay Vee Technologies was contracted to provide equipment and programming/wiring support for the Mox Access Control system which replaced the existing access control system. More information is available from the Chirnside Park Website

Building Access Control

Chirnside park uses a combination of Mox's 8-Gate Controllers and IC card swipes to control access into building management and shared sections outside of trading hours (as required by bakers and security). Mox's powerful Iris Insight software allows easy management of the system by allowing cards to be reprogrammed, marked as lost, or limited per card swipe as required.. In the event of a fire, all doors are programmed to automatically open and allow staff and customers to escape.

All card swipes onto the system are logged and history can be easily fetched in the event of an accident or security incident during unmanned hours.