Jay Vee Technologies
Aspect Apartments is a premium 13 apartment block in Montmorency which uses a combination of MOX Products to manage communications and access control of external locks and lift.

Lift Control

Lift access is limited using MOX Swipe card technology, allowing lifts to be locked down and limited per-resident-per-floor-per-lift. Access to the top level is shut down to all but maintenance and security during after-hours. To ease access by guests into the building, a combination of MOX's Palladium touchscreens and Amber Gate Manager are used to automatically grant access to resident floors.

In the event of an extended power outage, the lift system is designed with a fail-safe to automatically allow access to all levels.

Building Access Control (Lifts, building entry)

Aspect uses Mox Swipe card technology to control access into the building using card swipes for the garage gates and the front Mox Amber Intercom. Access is programmed into, and stored within every device using MOX's IRIS Insight application. The Mox Access Control devices store authentication info in their memory, and can operate successfully even during a network outage.

Building entry can also be using MOX's video intercom system, which is accessible from the front door and every apartment

Intercom system

Aspect uses 14 Mox Palladium video intercoms and an Amber Video Gate module to facilitate resident communications within the building.

The intercom system allows access into the building by guests and provide temporary access to lifts. The Mox Palladium Video intercoms run a custom interface & layout designed in-house.