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by Bash | February 20, 2023

The long-awaited KLH Model Three bookshelf speaker is Now available!

Second in line in the Model Collection, the Model Three continues the KLH acoustic suspension legacy of accurate audiophile-quality performance.
This charming bookshelf speaker is the perfect solution for music enthusiasts with smaller listening spaces.
The Model Three bookshelf speaker is available in the same English Walnut and West African Mahogany finish as the Model Five.
The Three’s come with an 8-degree slant riser base, but they have the freedom to be placed on bookshelves or credenzas stand-less (as long as the surface can hold up to 35Kg of weight)!
Listeners can also stand-mount their Model Three's on non-KLH stands if they wish.
The customization options are endless! Regardless of their placement, the KLH Model Three’s confidently and consistently deliver jaw-dropping low-bass extension, surprising mid-bass detail, and high-frequency accuracy from its small enclosure.

Whether your room is large or small, the music that outpours from the Model Three will command your attention and connect you to the sound.

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